How-To Get Your Voice Mails Returned – 5 Ways You Can Start Today

“Please pick up, please pick up, please pick up….S#*t, voice mail!”Image

Have you ever had a moment like this? You finally get the nerve to call an important customer and you get stuck with their voice mail. Now comes the hard part… do you leave a voice mail message or not…

I think you should always leave voice mail. That being said, some people shouldn’t be calling in the first place! What do you generally do?

Most people say something like: “Hi, this is Bill with ABC Roofing. I just wanted to follow-up on the proposal I left for you and to see if you had any questions. My phone number is 123-4567 Let me know if you have any questions or want to talk through anything.”

Sound like something you’ve said before? There’s a good chance you leave voice mails like that all the time.

NEWS FLASH – Only your Mother would return a call like this from you.

Here is what your customer hears when you call to “touch base” – “Hey, I’m the roof salesman you met briefly. Just wanted to see if you’re ready to give me your money. Call me back asap so I can let you know how to give it to me.”

Maybe it isn’t a mystery as to why you aren’t getting your voice mail returned!

How do you get the customer to call you back? Start by giving the customer a legitimate reason to respond to the voice mail message! Leave voice mails that are packed with new information, value or anything else else that will move the customer to act!

So here is my challenge for you…

Before making any follow-up calls, ask yourself this question: “If I received this message from a salesman would I call him back”? If you are leaving voice mails that you wouldn’t return…why should anyone else? At the end of the day you have to drive the customer to take action. Oddly enough, you’ll find that your roof sales dramatically increase when this happens! Who would have thought?

Here are 5 Additional Things to Help You Get Started:

  1. Present new elements to the scope of work
  2. Talk about scheduling the project
  3. Provide customer testimonials that relate to the customer’s specific project
  4. Provide pictures to the customer so they can see how good of a job you do
  5. Schedule roof walks with your customers so they can see recently completed jobs

Are you getting your calls returned? Why do you think they do? Share what’s working with you on the Roof Sales Training site so we all can improve!



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